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This Year's For Me and You
by Tenshi
December 6, 2013
New York still has a few Happy Endings.

Memories Never Sleep
by Tenshi
11 December 2009.
Only one lone car was in the picnic area parking lot, muffled in snow
with a glint here and there of glossy red paint showing through,
a bratty spoiler on the back end, a license plate that read EDGWRTH--

There Must Have Been Some Magic
by llamajoy
7 December 2009.
Valant Gramarye stood in the wings, looking out at the Sunshine Coliseum stage.

The Poker Face Series
Summer 2009

Dead Man's Hand
by llamajoy
(A dead man's hand is aces and eights.)
Kristoph makes a purchase.

Forward Motion
by Tenshi
(Forward motion with chips in hand is a commitment to bet.)
Edgeworth hates flying coach.

Stone Cold Bluff
by Tenshi
(A poker bluff made by a player who believes he can win only if all other players fold.)
Breaking up is hard to do.

Coffee Housing
by Tenshi
(Coffee housing is chatting with other players to mislead them about the game.)
Godot gets a new job.

by llamajoy
(Collusion is a cooperative cheat involving two players.)
Detective Gumshoe is having one of those days.

Across the Felt
by Tenshi
(Across the felt refers to meeting someone across a poker table)
Phoenix and Edgeworth in the basement of the Borscht Bowl.

German Virgins
by Tenshi
(A hand of cards consisting of mostly nines is referred to as German virgins.)
Klavier does not approve of Daryan's new hairdo.

Opening Bet
by llamajoy
(The opening bet means just what it sounds like.)
Apollo making first impressions.

At the End of the Chase
by Tenshi
22 March 2009.
Vignette, Edgeworth in Paris between games 1 & 2.

by Tenshi
24 December 2008.
Christmasy lawyers! Of all kinds, set after the end of AJ.

Scent of Home
by llamajoy
24 November 2008.
Written for the PW LJ Kink Meme:
Short; vignette about the distinct scent of the Fey family. Spoilers for T&T.

Best Interest
by llamajoy
21 November 2008.
Written for the PW LJ Kink Meme:
Franziska may just have her little brother's best interest at heart. P/E implied.

In the Closet
by llamajoy
18 November 2008.
Written for the PW LJ Kink Meme:
Apollo and Klavier, and an unintentional bit of voyeurism. Also P/E.

Second Guitar
by Tenshi
2 November 2008.
Klavier & Apollo, first time around. Spoilers for Case 3 of AJ.

In the Mansions of the Just
by Tenshi
29 October 2008.
Halloween fic: Phoenix & Edgeworth facing their demons. And then some.

Foolish Mortals
by Tenshi
31 October 2008.
Another Halloween fic! Short and silly, Phoenix & Edgeworth, et al.

Razor's Edge
by Tenshi
23 September 2008.
Phoenix cleans up unexpectedly well.

The Hanged Man
by Tenshi
4 September 2008.
Phoenix discovers Edgeworth is surprisingly human.

by Tenshi
4 September 2008.
Sequel to The Hanged Man, Edgeworth discovers Phoenix (period).

Legally Blind
by Tenshi
5 September 2008.
Short & very silly! But somehow, not implausible for an actual in-game trial.

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