Christmastime in the City

by llamajoy

AUTHOR NOTE: This may or may not be based on actual events.

Yugi felt even smaller than usual, what with the enormous scarf (Joey's) swaddled up to his ears, and the fact that he'd had to borrow Seto's gloves (their hands were in no way the same size, no matter how good they both were at holding a hand of cards). He wriggled deeper into his parka and wondered again where they were.

Seto and Joey were arguing again, unenthusiastically. First it had been about where to get breakfast, and then what to eat for breakfast once they were there, and then, well, Yugi had lost count. It was evening now, and his feet were tired, his brain was tired, and he wondered how many hours past his bedtime it really was. He walked in the middle, elbow to elbow and scarf to scarf, and couldn't, for the life of him, figure out where they were on the tiny flickering map on his smartphone.

"It's around here," Seto said, unprompted, and Yugi jumped. His nose had been unexpectedly close to Yugi's ear. "Because Wheeler insisted on seeing that cliched Christmas tree."

"Not again, guys," Yugi said, but found that he was smiling. He reached out, hand finding Joey's shoulder somewhere under all the scarf, and Seto's--impeccably tailored, as usual, in his long white coat. "I wanted to see the tree, too, remember?"

In that moment, a distant ticking noise became a tinkling chime. "Oh!" For an instant, Seto's face was lit with uncomplicated delight. "It's starting!"

The massive department store window Christmas display lit the city sky. Seto caught at their hands, and the street that had seemed impossibly steep a moment ago was suddenly forgotten as they dashed up the block.


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