final fantasy vii

The Mixed Signals Series
by Tenshi
February - May 2006.

Mixed Signals: Substitutions
Meet Reno Montague, age 17. Occupation: rentboy.

Mixed Signals: Dreams
...It's no way to make a living.

Mixed Signals: Opportunities
Preliminary job screening.

Mixed Signals: Introductions
Meet Reno Montague, age 17. Occupation: Turk.

Mixed Signals: Partners
On-the-job training.

Mixed Signals: Expectations
Team-building exercises.

by llamajoy
In which someone gets what's coming to him, and Rude has a beer.
(Mixed Signals Epilogue)

Let It Snow
by Tenshi
Holiday 2004.
Rude, Reno, and a pool table.

One Man Army
by Tenshi
Zack & Sephiroth: first impressions.

Call of Duty
by Tenshi
Zack & Sephiroth: ...second impressions.

Long Time Passing
by Tenshi
Holiday 2006.
When will they ever learn?

Three's A Crowd
by Tenshi
2 May 2009.
Though Aeris doesn't think so.

Thin Air
by Tenshi
16 May 2008.
It's not the altitude.

Voice Mail
by Tenshi
And there's a heart that's breaking, down this long-distance line tonight. (Turkfic, explicit.)

Chocobo Racing
by llamajoy
2 October 2007.
Cloud is good at something. Shortfic.

Sleight of Hand
by Tenshi
December 2, 2013
Cid, Vincent, & ShinRa's mistakes

Beneath the Ice
by Tenshi
The night is silent in your hands.

by Tenshi
Holiday 2005.
All I want is to be your harbor.

Infamous Love Song
by Tenshi
December 12, 2013
Rude's past and his present.

Advent Children & Extended Timeline

While Mortals Sleep
by llamajoy
Holiday 2005.
A word that was never meant to be singular.

To Hell and Regroup
by Tenshi
Old Turks never die. Drabble.

Touch and Go
by Tenshi
Nothing's better than the first time. Except maybe the second first time. (Reno & Rude)

Second-Hand Smoke
by llamajoy
In which Elena finds simple reassurance.

The Closer You Get
by llamajoy
15 May 2006.
Cloud, after all this time, might actually get it. ...To Tifa's surprise.

Old City Bar
by Tenshi
24 December 2009.
No place like home for the holidays.

A Host of Seraphim
by Tenshi
December 24, 2013
Sometimes the Past comes looking for you.



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