final fantasy viii

The classic "Infamous FFVIII Arc" can be found in the FFVIII archive.

Breath of Fresh Air
by llamajoy
2 July 2008.
Seifer & Fuujin: magic kink;
beware the women who promise blue skies;
there's tornado warnings at the back of their eyes

by Tenshi
21 May 2008.
Zell Dincht could never quite manage to be cool.

Spent Casings
by llamajoy
On the boat home from the SeeD exam.

Silence and Motion
by Tenshi
30 December 2010.
Rinoa's first guardian force.

Lost Children
by Tenshi
Zell's first time in Deling City.

Phantom Strength
by Tenshi
Two odd men out.

Fair Trade
by Tenshi
16 May 2008.
Irvine and Zell, trading more than cards.

by Tenshi
15 May 2008.
They're more like guidelines anyway.

by Tenshi
2 March 2009.
Squall needs to get away.

by Tenshi
December 4, 2013
There's something under the mountains in Trabia.

Touchless Car Wash
by Tenshi
3 May 2010.
Mainly, I wanted to make up car names.

The Best Way to a Woman's Heart
by Tenshi
Irvine finally gets a quiet romantic lunch date with Quistis... wait, what's the mallet for?

***From Here to the Fire Cavern***
by Tenshi
11 September 2015
Irvine and Zell and a NSFW shortcut.

Winter Garden
by Tenshi
December 15, 2013
The Commander and his command.

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