fullmetal alchemist

Physical Change
by Tenshi
Can you hear the cat inside the box?

Plod Dumbly On and Dream
by llamajoy
Holiday 2004: Al and the absence of pain.

Holding Heat
by llamajoy
Conductivity. Drabble.

My Alchemical Romance
by Tenshi
Drag another cliche howling from the vaults... (State Army et al.)

Hands Clean :: Supposed Crimes & Protégé
by Tenshi
If it weren't for your maturity, none of this would have happened...

Dance Along the Edge
by Tenshi
Roy/Riza and a razorblade romance.

Not a Day for Studying
by llamajoy
Al, at the end of the series.

Peach Appreciation Day
by llamajoy & Tenshi
Deeply goofball correspondence fic. Not to be taken too seriously.

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