Halloween Special!

ace attorney

In the Mansions of the Just
by Tenshi
29 October 2008.
Halloween fic: Phoenix & Edgeworth facing their demons. And then some.

Foolish Mortals
by Tenshi
31 October 2008.
Another Halloween fic! Short and silly, Phoenix & Edgeworth, et al.

devil may cry

Restrain my Tongue
He was Dante's guide through Hell. (Trick or Treat.)

the vision of escaflowne

A Thousand Winds that Blow
by Tenshi
10 July 2007.
Celena, two years post-series:
a Knight Caeli, seekings things lost.

final fantasy vii

Hall of the Mountain King
by Tenshi
This is the way the world ends-- Vincent's dreaming.

by Tenshi
Halloween ain't got nothin' on the Turks in the Shinra mansion.
(a bishonenink classic!)

fullmetal alchemist

Follow My Number
by Tenshi
There are few things creepier than being all alone in an office building at night.


Reasons to Remain
by Tenshi
circa 2012
Billy is leaving. Again.

High from God's Heaven
by llamajoy
19 December 2009.
Not until after dinner did Billy first notice something was amiss.

yoroiden samurai troopers

Family Remains
by Tenshi
13 November 2007.
It's just a weekend in the ancient Date family mansion,
miles from anywhere... what could possibly go wrong?

by Tenshi
Halloween 1997 - the original classic from the YSML.

b i s h o n e n i n k