Kingdom Hearts On 2000 Munny A Day

by Tenshi

Sora was, in many ways, a constant force. He was little swayed by the world he was in or even the form; if he had four legs or none. His optimism rarely faltered, his sword arm was not quick to tire, and his determination was downright relentless.

...As was his appetite.

"Okaaay!" Sora said, looking for any lurking heartless in the corners of the imperial palace and not finding any. "When do we eat?"

"What?" Donald squawked, waving his wand as though a dose of Blizzard would do any damage against a fifteen-year-old boy's bottomless stomach. "You just ate!"

"That was like two hours ago," Sora said, leaning against a red laquer pillar as though he was feeling faint from such short rations. "And we've been fighting all this time..."

"You're a pig!" Donald insisted (or possibly, 'oar a fig', with Donald it was hard to tell). "Those magial britches aren't expandable, you know!"

"Now Donald," Goofy chided, methodically gathering up the munny crystals scattered around after the battle. "Sora's a growing boy. Can't defeat heartless and shoot up like a weed without eating right."

"Eating right, not eating left and right." Donald jabbed Goofy in the middle, jostling his armful of munny and arcane synthisis items. "You're gonna spoil him!"

"But I'm staaarving," Sora moaned.

"Aw, Donald," Goofy said, moved by Sora's obvious suffering. "what if his little ribs start sticking out? He's already scrawny. Didn't eat for a year, you know."

"No!" Donald put one webbed foot down. "We gotta get goin' to the other worlds!"

"So soon?" Mulan poked her head around the door to the throne room, and frowned. "The Emperor wanted to host a feast tonight in your honor..."

Sora perked up immediately. "You hear that? We can't turn down the emperor. It'd be rude."

"A-huh," Goofy agreed. "Specially since we're amblastoriy.. uh.. ambassery..."

"AMBASSADORS," Donald exploded. "And we can't make interworld travellers look bad--"

"So tell the Emperor we're staying!" Sora said to Mulan, ignoring Donald's indignant squawk at being so cruelly tricked. Goofy smiled, beatifc under his long floppy ears, and poured their earnings into the munny pouch.

"Wonderful!" Mulan beamed. "You won't be sorry, the Imperial chef is the best in all of China. He does the most amazing Peking... uh..." Her dark eyes flicked to Donald for a moment. "Um, Rice."

"Sounds great, right guys?" Sora glanced back at his team for confirmation.

"Sure does!" Goofy said, but he would have said the same if Mulan had offered them hay and a bucket of water.

"Humph!" said Donald.


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