makai ouji: devils and realist

by llamajoy
15 August 2013.
Dantalion and the power of words, supreme, sublime. (drabble)

Never to Heaven Go
by Tenshi
21 August 2013.
Dantalion craves absolution... (Episode 7)

The Conscience of the King
by Tenshi
22 August 2013.
...and he finds it. (Episode 7)

And Lose the Name of Action
by Tenshi
4 September 2013.
William gives his notes on the performance. (Episode 7)

Bats in the Belfry
by Tenshi
23 September 2013.
Amon and Mamon try to help out.

O Come Thou Key of David
by Tenshi
December 20, 2013
Christmas isn't much fun for Realists.

No More Yielding But a Dream
by Tenshi
23 September 2013.
After the end of Episode 12.

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