marvel cinematic universe

Not Coming for the Kill
by Tenshi
June 2014.

Metro Opens Doors
Bucky Barnes has an uneasy relationship with trains.

Coffee and Cologne
Steve had not for a moment imagined that Bucky would find him first.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine
You don't learn everything about superheroes just by visiting their Smithsonian exhibits.

Last Mission
Hydra's left a few loose ends.

Not Coming for the Kill
Bucky Remembers.

Water Under the Bridge
Let's leave our promises behind, rewind, and try again.

Resurrection Day
It's time for some repairs and revelations.

by Tenshi
June 2014
On the shooting range, the plastic prizes never change.

Pancake Sundays
by Tenshi
June 2014.
Nothing brings back memories like a familiar meal.

For Services Rendered
by Tenshi
December 18, 2013
Agent Coulson's ride is here.

Better Late
by llamajoy
December 5, 2013
...than never.

House Party Protocol
by Tenshi
2014 (Ongoing).

Moving Day
Sam Wilson's life is full of surprises, and Clint Barton is one of the biggest ones so far.

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