tiger & bunny

You Can Plan on Me
by Tenshi
December 22, 2013
To be honest, the HeroTV Christmas Special is pretty awful.


Just Like the Ones I Used to Know
by Tenshi
13 December 2009.
It just ain't like it used to be.

final fantasy v

Windless Sea
by llamajoy
First person Faris. Arr.

fire emblem

Rainy Marching
by llamajoy
Marcus doesn't think the rain is an excuse not to train.


by llamajoy
Thirteen hours in the Goblin King's hall will change a boy forever.

mana khemia

Maybe Just Half a Drink More
by Tenshi
15 December 2009.
Baby it's cold outside, indeed. Vayne & Roxis, and an alchemic drink recipe.

under the glass moon

Out of the Closet
by Tenshi
Luka guides Neo in some of the finer points of black mage accessorizing.

witch hunter robin

by llamajoy
Robin, and Amon, a year later-- rooftops in the snow.

b i s h o n e n i n k