Backseat Driver
by Tenshi
13 June 2011.
It's a long ride back to Encom.

While You Were Out
by Tenshi
15 June 2011.
Flynn really should take a vacation day.

Time for Such a Word
by Tenshi
8 June 2011.
Kevin Flynn's first real defeat.

by Tenshi
18 April 2011.
The making of Rinzler.

by Tenshi
14 June 2011.
Roy is up too late, too alone, too often.

Keeping Company
by llamajoy
30 June 2011
Sam wonders what to make of his new rescue.

Location Query
Part One :: Part Two :: Part Three :: Part Four :: Part Five
by Tenshi
5 May - 1 June 2011.
Alan goes in search of his life's missing pieces.

by Tenshi
2 June 2011.
Tron and Alan and the art of a completed circuit.

Illegal Entry
by Tenshi
3 June 2011.
Roy takes a wrong turn at the right time.

Sins of the Father
by Tenshi
16 June 2011.
The meaning of being a Program, and a Son.

Part One :: Part Two
by Tenshi
24 June 2011.
C.L.U. 3.0: the tiebreaker.

First Aid
by Tenshi
22 June 2011.
Ram 6.0, and the difficulties of being human.

by llamajoy
4 July 2011.
Alan is obliged to stand in for Flynn, in more ways than one.

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