vagrant story

Ancient Yuletide Carols
by Tenshi
December 10, 2013
Heard this same song twenty times, and it's only Halloween.
(Modern Future AU)

Tales of the Glories
by Tenshi
21 December 2009.
The power of the Dark was strange, compelling, mysterious,
and, as Ashley Riot had cause to know, it was absolutely shite for predicting the weather.

Needle's Point
by llamajoy
19 August 2008.
Samantha is not afraid of pain.

The Last Blessing
by Tenshi
written for holiday 2004
Grissom: Life, death, and beyond.
Introduction :: Remembering Days of Yore
Chapter 1 :: The Lamenting Mother
Chapter 2 :: The Acolyte's Weakness
Chapter 3 :: Crossing of Blood
Chapter 4 :: Be For Battle Prepared
Chapter 5 :: The Passion of Lovers
Chapter 6 :: An Arrow Into Darkness
Chapter 7 :: Lambs to the Slaughter
Chapter 8 :: Where Body & Soul Part
Chapter 9 :: Stairway to the Light
Epilogue :: The Last Blessing

Paths of Desire
:: one :: two :: three ::
by Tenshi
What happens to a soul deferred?

Bonds of Friendship
by llamajoy
Hardin, musing on Sydney. )

The Body Fragile Yields
by llamajoy
Who is watching, as the world ends?

Fear of the Fall
by llamajoy
Grissom, and Samantha; image, and negative.

Free From Base Desire
by llamajoy
Samantha as the paling dissolves. drabble.

Way of Lost Children
by llamajoy
Written for holiday 2001: this poor youngling of whom we do sing.

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Entrance to Darkness
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