weiß kreuz

by llamajoy, spring 2000
Angsty Schwarzfic

(the braid)
by llamajoy, fall 2000
aya x schu x aya-chan

Ordinary World
part i :: part ii
A rainy Thursday on the avenue.
by llamajoy, fall 2000

by Tenshi, spring 2000
Yohji x Ken

Das Tiefe Geheimnis
by Tenshi, 2003
If the world won't understand you, you can make it disappear.
Schuldich & Nagi

Tinsel and Fire
by Tenshi, holiday 2001:
They said there'd be snow at Christmas...


The Bombay Cat Flu
by Tenshi, spring 2000
silly Weißfic

Rinse Until Clear
by Tenshi, spring 2001
another silly Weißfic

The Florists Who Don't Do Anything
They're not too good at ping-pong, either. (A Florists Filk.)
by llamajoy & Tenshi
(with apologies to Veggietales)

b i s h o n e n i n k