In a Circle of Friends
by Tenshi
December 21, 2013
Just go through hell and regroup again.

Reasons to Remain
by Tenshi
Billy is leaving. Again.

High from God's Heaven
by llamajoy
19 December 2009.
Not until after dinner did Billy first notice something was amiss.

Weapon of Choice
by Tenshi
25 May 2007.
Bart chooses his revolution. (Implied abuse.)

Fruits of Labor
by Tenshi
12 June 2007.

Out of the Machinery
by Tenshi
Sigurd's first day at Jugend.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
(Xenogears Alternate Universe)
:: Part One: Something Old ::
by llamajoy
In the year 9990, Jesiah B. Blanche is offered the position of Gebler High Command...
...and accepts it.

One Small Child
by Tenshi
Written for holiday 2004: Sigurd's difficult decisions, and Midwinter dreams.

Until You're Resting Here With Me
by llamajoy
Racquel musing on the Black family minus one.

Mistaken for a Crime
by llamajoy
my take on that 3000G.

Room for the Child
by llamajoy
Written for holiday 2005: not alone, after all.

Fiat Justitia
by llamajoy
Let justice be done though the heavens should fall. Firing Fort Jasper.

Something Wonderful
by llamajoy
Written for holiday 2004: on the eve of Bart's coronation.

See No Evil
by Tenshi
Billy winds up in the wrong place at the right time.

Before the Morning Light
by llamajoy
Written for holiday 2004: moments shared on midwinter's eve.

Such Great Heights
by Tenshi
Postgame. Billy finding new ways to fly.

Our Little Cups of Grace
by llamajoy
Fifty one-shot sentences, for Billy.

The Heart of Man's a Palace
by Tenshi
written for holiday 2001: know you now, a cycle's gone...
(Billy, Bart, Jessie, Fei.)

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