To the Victor

by Tenshi

Author's Notes: Ahaha, this has been in my notebook for ages now. Brief (one might even say fleeting) and very much not work-safe, Joey&Yugi&Seto, for Joy. Mainly because she is so goddamn good at playing shut-the-box.

Even after all this time, Yugi still hadn't figured out how he got himself into these situations. It started with a game--as it always started with a game--and the result was always the same. The game itself never mattered; anything would do. Most often, it was card dueling. Sometimes it was a video game, sometimes it was a new shiny thing Seto had in testing, sometimes it was some archaic game from days gone, with the rules unknown by anyone living and made up again on the fly.

Whatever it was, Joey and Yugi would go at it for a few consecutive rounds, and then Seto would play the winner. And first Joey would lose and then Seto would lose and then Yugi would find himself sandwiched in between the two of them, their three straining bodies in a familiar tangle.

That night, Yugi had shut the box three times in a row. Joey and Seto had both managed to do it twice, but Seto's overall score was higher. "It's a stupid game," Joey said, even as his thumbs were hooked in Yugi's belt loops, tugging his undone pants down over his hips. "Everybody knows it's mostly luck."

"Don't be such a sore loser, Wheeler." From Seto's tone of voice, one would think he would rather be emptying the Kaiba Corp spam mail folder than divesting Yugi of his t-shirt, but his hands betrayed a faint shiver of urgency. The expensive leather sofa of his office made a gentle sigh as the weight of the three of them shifted, Yugi tilted back against the chest of his rival, his legs hitched over Joey's shoulders.

"You know," Yugi began, his breathing unsteady. "Next time the winner could just buy a round of lattes for everyone, or something."

Joey's chuckle was dark, his breath ticklish against the flat planes of Yugi's belly. "He thinks we want lattes," he said, and then the soft fall of his hair was sliding over Yugi's skin, his mouth greedy and practiced on the hard curve of his best friend's cock.

Yugi arched back against Seto with a stuttered moan, and it was not one of protest.

"If you don't want this, then you shouldn't agree to it in the first place." Seto's annoyed puff of breath ticked the back of Yugi's ear, even as the insistent nudge of his cock pressed into Yugi's body, forcibly demanding entry that would have been freely given anyway. His voice shivered as Yugi sank down onto him, rocking his hips back into Seto's. "Dammit," Seto gasped, his mouth too hard on Yugi's shoulder to be called a kiss, "you know you always win."

Yugi had no comeback for that, one hand in Joey's hair and the other fisted in Seto's collar as he graciously accepted his winnings.


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