yoroiden samurai troopers

Rules of Engagement
by Tenshi
10 June 2010.
Sage and Rowen, and the traditional coming out ceremony.

Spring to Come
by llamajoy
14 December 2009.
On their return to the Dynasty, there was change.

by Tenshi
Part One - 23 October 2007.
Part Two - 14 November 2007.
Part Three - 6 June 2010.
Part Four - 6 June 2010.
Part Five - December 2013.
Part Six - December 2013.
Part Seven - December 2013.
Part Eight - December 2013.
In 2007, they think their old armor is gone completely...
until it comes looking for them. Complete.

Family Remains
by Tenshi
13 November 2007.
It's just a weekend in the ancient Date family mansion,
miles from anywhere... what could possibly go wrong?

Unholy Land
by Tenshi
Some people just aren't cut out for holiday shopping.

Coming of the Frost
by Tenshi
Written for holiday 2005: Anubisu, and Rajura.

Seasons of Grace
by llamajoy
Written for holiday 2005: a new take on an old favorite.

Changing of the Guard
by Tenshi
Written for holiday 2006.
(This was the last fic written prior to bishink's 2007 closing).

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