kingdom hearts

I Gave You My Heart
by Tenshi
6 December 2009.
Sora closed his eyes, and Roxas opened his.

Believe in the Kingdom Come
by Tenshi
Sora still hasn't found what he's looking for.

Turn Your Radio On
by Tenshi
Sora never thought things would happen this way.

Kingdom Hearts on 2000 Munny A Day
by Tenshi
Silly drabble!

Season of the Dark Horse
by Tenshi
Five-part fic centered on Axel, and Roxas.
(Written prior to side game canon expansions)

Distant Thunder
by Tenshi
Cloud & Leon and the fine art of rebuilding.

Everyone Who Casts a Shadow
by llamajoy
Shadow and light, Ansem and Riku.
(Written prior to all post KH1 game releases).

by Tenshi
Riku, pursuit.

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