scattershot stars
llamajoy's fanshrine to billy lee black of xenogears
[ v.2 : white and black // looks best in 1024x768]

3 may 2007
new art from lilykane:
the most beautiful new billy i've seen in ages.

8 may 2005
yes, an update! hard to imagine.
may the first version rest in peace;
it labored for three long years.

disclaimer: xenogears and billy lee black do not belong to me. front image is the creation of the doujinshi circle seikimatsu lovers, from their compilation "x-fables revenge." this site just a little place for me and my devotion, a quiet fangirl corner of the web. what few bits are mine are 2002-2007 jkh. surgeon general's warning: this website may cause you to exceed your daily billy allowance. proceed with abandon; use only as directed. void where prohibited. and i hope with all my heart that you enjoy.