true dream
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* this page was made with EditPad Lite, Ultimate Paint, Perfect Works, and my own fair-to-middlin' imagination. it looks best in 1024x768 resolutions, mozilla or ie. (what i lack in actual coding skill i supplement with sheer stubborn determination to continue to write webpages.)

* beware, of course, of xenogears spoilers. due to the metaphorical rather than historical flavor of this site, there's nothing that will be wildly unexpected-- but it would help in viewing these pages if you've already played through the billy bits of the game. or at least, if you've had someone talk your ear off about them, in the case of most of my friends.

* this webmistress is pro-yaoi, though this site contains nothing graphic. if you don't know what that means, you might trip over pictures or stories that may offend you. please come back informed. (and tell me bart and billy don't have any chemistry.)

* the page names, as you may have guessed, are derived from billy's deathblows and ether abilities. i almost wished i had sections enough to include adam's apple, banfrau, hell blast, goddess call, or holy light... but that's a bit much, don't you think?

* the art used on this page (fanart, doujinshi scans, perfect works scans, etc.) is either scanned by me or used with permission. (credit is usually listed in the alt text of an image.) feel free to save them to your hard drive. if you want to use a fanart image on your own website you'll have to ask the artists, as i did; emails and website contacts are provided. in the case of perfect works or doujinshi scans, go ahead and use them; i have no claim to them other than the money i shelled out to buy my copies of them.

* about the author: llamajoy. by day, the kickass admin at a local law firm. by late-afternoon, sometime fangirl, player of videogames and mother of two bjds, one hyperactive cat named tseng, a hamster named jessie (b. black), and a black goldfish named neesa. by night, probably fast asleep, as she is older than she'd like to admit. happily married to her partner-in-crime and co-writer, the infamous tenshi no korin. ;)

* thanks are due to: soraya saga, for billy himself. olga, for the cathedral picture. alexis, for her abiding unholy billy love. still sarah, for all her listening. rose, for my paperdolls! jennio, for her shining insights, and her unflappable dad-smile. sabina, for "holy water." liz, for the perfect birthday box of billy. jefcat, for always having a supportive billy-word. all of the fanartists and doujinshikas who make beautiful billyart. and my tenshi... for playing the game in the first place; for sewing me a billycoat in my own size; for making me a billydoll; for the xenogears bracelet; for bart and for grissom. and for humoring my "black family smile."