goddess wake
the devotions of one small fangirl. ...avoid if you're allergic to dorkiness.

let me count the ways. (in no particular order.)

* for the fanfiction: five years and counting. for friday october 13, 2000; i think it was a full moon, too. always and ever a joy to write.
* for the joy of putting together a fan soundtrack that nobody expected, me included.
* for the doujinshi collection i've amassed through the years (of which, i should mention, the picture captures maybe one third-- those were just the ones with decent billies on the front or back cover).
* for one livejournal style that i've never felt the need to change.
* and another livejournal style also dear to my heart.
* for the collectable accessories & the pleasure and the pain of do-it-yourself merchandising. [that's a christmas gift xenogears charm bracelet; a homemade billy bracelet fashioned out of billy colors, a B and a cross; a billy postcard from square; and two keychains, one movic official and one hand-made.]
* for the screenprinted tanktop (replete with jugend athletics & minister number).
* for the billy paperdoll set birthday gift, more fun than a grownup should have [standard coat, dad coat, jugend uniform, various shirts, and lots more!]
* for the modified barbie dolls: skipper billy doll, s-club jessie, corduroy racquel.
* for the 12". volks. billy doll, perfect to each tiny last detail. best surprise christmas gift ever.
* for the person-sized billy cosplay outfit that i don't have any decent pictures of, and that i don't do any justice to anyway. [wig, bow, ethos cross necklace, cape, green turtleneck, bracers, brown pants, belt, gunbelt, pistols, cowboy boots].
* for the billy belly tattoo. (that jennio designed for me to resemble (a) the ethos cross, (b) a majuscule letter "B" on its side, (c) spreading wings, and (d) a big farking bow [green optional].)
* for 3000G unearned, for the trouble his little butt was in. for the "the Ethos... my Ethos."
* for his daddy. naturally. for a bullet keychain for mother's day. for his speechless little sister.
* for the big gay bow (it's the bow, billy. it has to go), for the predilection for lime green.
* for oliver haze's "holy water," for the rolling stones' "light my fire."
* for dianthus barbatus -- bartnelke, sweet william; for a field of chickory growing wild.
* for august 28, 9983, for 321658-11, for #ccccff.
* for that hands-on-hips-mouth-wide doujinshi pose, always always.
* for Initial B. for the cockpit of renmazuo. for the sound of three shells hitting the floor.
* for bart, and "don't you know, kid??" for sig-niichan, for "dad's room, dad's smell."
* for that "g'night, billy lee," late night hotel room laughter.
* for being cute, kid, REAL cute.
* for this whole damn shrine, if you want to be meta.