final fantasy vii

Doves Cry Series
by Tenshi

Doves Cry: Condolences
Rufus has a conversation with his father,
after his mother's death.

Doves Cry: Lessons
Rufus meets the Turks,
and has an altercation with his bodyguard.

Doves Cry: Scars
Reno gets his scars, and Rufus gets a clue.

Doves Cry: Targets
Rufus hits the mark at last. Final installment in the series.

Prince of the City
by Tenshi
[This is AU. To say more would be to give it away.]

by Tenshi
a gift that's more than meets the eye.

Auld Lang Syne
by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2002] Yule, Midgar-style.

Hall of the Mountain King
by Tenshi
This is the way the world ends-- Vincent's dreaming.

No Connection
by llamajoy
A brief love affair, Elena and Reno.

by llamajoy
it's not all fun and games at ShinRa, Inc.

What Blooms in Winter
by llamajoy
Reeve... and a kitten in the snow.

by Tenshi
[written for Con*Strict 2001] Hares after a fox.

Find Your Own Way Out
by llamajoy
Elena takes a dare, and fails to solve a famous mystery.

by llamajoy
Reeve gets a little more than he bargained for.

Free to Fly Tonight
by llamajoy

Fallen City
by llamajoy
How did the Turks get out Midgar, anyway?

Golden Lie
by llamajoy
What to do with your own personal miracle?

Precious Little
by llamajoy
Desperately tseeking Tseng.

by Tenshi
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair...

by Tenshi
Halloween ain't got nothin' on the Turks in the Shinra mansion.

Redemption Day
part one
part two
part three
part four
by Tenshi

Identity Theft
by Tenshi
a sestina for Zax.

Turkish Delight: Pas de Trois
by llamajoy
a ROMANTIC dream, on Christmas Eve.

No More Valentines
by Tenshi
Even helicopter crashes have their advantages...

by Tenshi
More than Vincent dreamed of.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
by Tenshi
How do you hide from an enemy that sleeps under the skin?

by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2001] A Yuletide party, and Frost revealed.

Find Your Heart
by Tenshi
[written for holiday 2001] The long-awaited Yule after "Turkish Delight."


The Turkish Hairbrush Song


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